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life's a pieace of shit, when you look at it

I've told you before, that someone on Instagram stole my ms-awareness-art concept idea.. so now I'll give a 100 % on IG and finally decided to create an account JUST for my MS-art project A Thousand Faces. Now I can finally grow a community on there and fully focus on my MS project... So check it out and leave a follow to stay up to date with my paintings that gives you a chance to look at life which honestly is a piece of shit :) #mssucks https://www.instagram.com/p/ConZa1mqLlc/



Hey @adamslilith, saw you over on @ShaneFlannigan's post and thought I'd say hi. Hi! Do you have anywhere to look at your stuff other than IG? I'd love to check it out but me and Facebook hate each other. Oddly enough, I'm looking for tattoo ideas. I want something that on first look appears to show the strange ugliness of MS but on second look illustrates the hope we all live with. I dunno, something erupting out of something, like the birth of hope from a diseased womb. Yeah, that was probably TMI about my subconscious. CYA around the forum :-)