Professor Giovanni Barts Blog

Professor Giovanni been involved in a serious road traffic accident and broken his neck, among other things. He was out jogging to prepare for a marathon to raise money for research into an antibody test for Kung flu/MS I am guessing he needs both moral support and sponsorship from us - the people he has tried to help tirelessly for years Sorry to have to report this, poor Prof G....! And we do not seem to have @dominics anymore?! (Btw shift wtf after all he has done for you?!) @dominics was a mine of useful information, especially when the Kung Foo flu first kicked off Whether you liked him or not, the man went up the Himalayas with ms (and toothache) and did a sponsored marathon for shift – admirable; and more than anyone else, including me, has done? I hope you will join me in going over to Barts and wishing Prof G your best and maybe even a donation Finally .... I really think that there should be a full time moderator here to check up on people when things like this happen (And have the courtesy to publicly thank anyone who goes the extra mile for shift - erm @stumbler?! The saint of this site) You are right; this site is only for transitory newly diagnosed people I am done