I had my first mri 5 years ago that showed lesions. Just had another

Just had another mri awaiting results. Have chronic fatigue, forgetfulness, ringing in ears, feeling of being drunk on occasions and dizzy. Headaches pain behind the eyes. Have been on low dose naltrexone for 3 mths with positive results for pain management. Just started a course of 100mg modafinal which is helping with fatigue. Just want to get the diagnosis so I can start on dmt. My mri showed lesions on both hemispheres 5 yrs ago. Neuro told me to go away and live life until I have more symptoms. I'm worried in case they do not give me a diagnosis this time, I don't want this to progress further and ultimately become a burden to my family. Atm I have a reasonable quality of life. My new mri report says dymelinating plaques the largest deep perpendicular to the deontal lobe. Ant and all advice appreciated. I have always been a very busy person and am struggling with feeling constantly tired after doing the most menial tasks. However if I can stop it progressing further, I will be happy. Has anyone had better results with one type of medication over another?