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I’ve just been diagnosed with having Covid the other day

Last Wednesday I went for my Covid Booster on Wednesday evening I got the shivers and had a temperature. I took a Covid test yesterday morning and it was positive. I’ve been feeling tiered and unable to do much these last few days I don’t feel like eating much either. There are other members in the family who have Covid now but a couple are ok .

Hi @Utopia63 I tested positive about 3 months ago, and to this day still no idea where or how I caught caught it but tbh bar feeling really rubbish and having to take to bed for 2 or 3 days, feeling hot / cold, a bit 'sicky' and generally not hungry, it honestly wasn't really as bad as I thought it would be and maybe I perceived and I've definitely had worse flu so like wise just give yourself time to recover, keeps warm, lots of fluids and fingers crossed you'll be ok and it doesn't last long.


I think if you are taking certain DMTs you may be eligible for antivirals. Depends if, and what treatment you take. Hope you feel better soon.