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Cannabis documentary...... aighhhttttt!

Nicked this link from a post over on the M S Society forums......................... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlQ9AFjsVK8 Just watched this documentary and I can't believe I have not seen this before. Alright it was first made approx 4 years before MS came into my life but I think it is really well filmed and hats off to Clark for being so open about how cannabis helps with his MS. I've been taking a home brew version of hemp oil to help with my MS symptoms and for me it seems to work. The THC content is meant to be less than 0.1% but i'm not sure, I certainly feel more mellow, sleep better and get the munchies........ a lot. Anybody else have positive improvements from taking the "weed"? and I wonder what Shift.ms views are on cannabis. Will there be a future film?



Love you I have had 20 yrs πŸ‘ With you all the way



Great share..... Nice documentary.



Yes thanks



I take cannabis every night with a vaporizer wouldn't be able to cope with the pain without it



I just posted about the use of cannabis oil. I'll take a look, thanks ;)



Yeeeessssss breadbin now we’re talkin πŸ˜‚



So I think this post maybe missing some posts, I am sure that some more people commented pre new look ShiftMS website upgrade



Hi @Underdog, I'm part of the Shift.ms dev team. Thanks for the heads up. Managed to get these comments back. Sorry for the error.



no worries @m4rt well done for the recovery :)