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Anyone else feel like people dont get it?

I ache loads at the moment, am tired all the time, and am feeling so low. Waiting to get thru the vaccines, then due to start kesimpta around late Jan/early Feb 24, but feel like nobody around me really gets how crap this can feel, and that because I tend to push on and get thru each day of work, and housework, sorting my baby daughter (with Down Syndrome) out and so on that it's almost like they don't really care. Anyone else feel like it's invisible to other people? Just feeling a bit isolated I suppose 🥺

Totally. I have RRMS, because of the nature of it relapsing and remitting other people think I am fine. I find no one really gets it. Even official support seems really hard to access. It sounds like you are having to manage a lot. Well done you. We have loads of struggles. Definitely worth airing here.


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