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MRI showing new disease activity.

Had the results from my last MRI and there is new disease activity on my spine.. my neurologist says he's not concerned and believes it is from before I started Kesimpta. There's no new lesions on my brain. Trying to be positive about it but it goes feel like a kick to the stomach. Hopefully Kesimpta keeps the rest at bay!

@Tinnyamc sorry to hear of the new lesions on your spine; i believe i have many on my spine but haven't had an MRI on my spine for 5 years & am advised the same, that the ones in the brain are the ones they watch more closely. Good Luck with Kesimpta


They told me same on 2017 but but since 2019 they stopped scanning they spine. And ths year they told me ms isnt active the latest 2 yrs and this yr maybe bec im black tea and coffee addict lol jks