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Is MS Hug not widely known?

Hi, I haven't checked in for a while but my MS investigation continues, last week I had a CT thorax abdomen pelvis with contrast! I have been in the local A&E twice recently as I have had chest pain, palpitations and breathlessness. Because the GP had taken an ECG, referred me to a cardiologist and gave me a spray for angina, I thought I needed to take myself to A&E if I felt bad. But the hospital is saying that my heart is fine and it's extreme anxiety/stress causing this. Would it be fair to say that the hospital doctors, brilliant as they are, don't know what MS Hug is and therefore they blame stress? I do have various worries at the moment but I have been under worse pressure before and not gone into the hospital! I think the doctor said something about muscular strain last night but I couldn't hear him very well. Lastly...my friends have been telling me about anxiety medication that they are taking, should I see the GP for the same or figure out lifestyle changes?! Thanks, Sarah

No one mentioned MS hug to me until I saw a neuro physio so possibly not! I've taken up yoga recently and have found it really helpful for reducing anxiety, particularly the breathing exercises. I used to do tai chi which had a similar benefit. Might be worth a try as an alternative/addition to medication?


Hi Sarah, I never knew about this MS hug either. I suffer with anxiety and depression ally life. I have MS now so I get anxious with that!! Now I know what the MS hug is I kinda think I've always had it before my so called MS, if I put up with then I can put up with now and when it gets intorable I know there is a pill for every ill but only then. I absolutely hate exercise but I do hear it's good for shit like that. Take it easy Sarah.