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MS Hug

Hi. So this year I have been experiencing the MS Hug. At first I didn't know what this was, my breathing was difficult and it felt like pressure on my chest. Anyway, I went to my GP to rule out any other potential problems. I had a chest x ray which showed everything to be ok. From speaking with my MS team it was then determined to be the dreaded hug. I am struggling in managing this - I do mindfulness and try to limit stress where possible. The GP prescribed my diazepam, which did work the first time, however hasn't worked this time around. Was wondering if any one has any tips for managing this? Thanks

I found that using THC CBD oil helps with my Ms hug ..greatly.. it's very alarming to experience I find that one of the greatest causes of the hug unfortunately is stress for some... I have tried a hot compress and a cold compress sometimes that can help as well.. but the most important thing is not to freak out about it..


Look up diaphragm release on the MS Gym website/instagram. It’ll help stretch and relax your diaphragm so that it hopefully lets go of you. My PT did it a couple times and it helps. Lots of stretching! Good luck! 🍀