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New research new hope

Staying positive after my diagnosis has been really difficult and I spent a lot of time on the internet and most of what I read made me depressed on an industrial scale. There are so many sad stories and so many people trying the weirdest things to cure themselves to no avail. However, I do think there is real hope. There is amazing research going on all over the world into what causes this mysterious disease and I am convinced that soon they will crack it. The research into bacteria is the most exciting at the moment. This may sound weird but remember that the scientist who realized that stomach cancer was caused by a bacteria, was considered so weird that he had to prove it by infecting himself with the cancer causing bacteria and then curing himself; This lead scientists to look for other bugs that cause cancer and now you can be inoculated against the virus that causes cervical cancer! So now they have found a link between an incredibly common bacteria in the soil that causes food poisoning and the start of MS and there is some hope that they might be able to kill the bacteria in MS and maybe stop the damage. Stuff like this gives me real encouragement, especially for all you young MSers that the future might just be great again. I dont think we should live in cloud cuckoo land, but scientists are looking hard out there and I wish them and all of you well !