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Walking sticks and fatigue

My question is: would a walking stick make walking less fatiguing or is it just to help with balance? After a recent flare, I find that fatigue is stopping me from getting out and about. I’ve rested for 3.5 weeks taking just 10 min walks five times but otherwise staying in the house (I’m a girl who usually does spin, ballet and HIIT classes and a I’m a runner).

Hi StephH: I find that walking with my cane doesn’t necessarily help the fatigue. It does, however, help with my balance and coordination, and acts as a support when I am fatigued or wobbly. I’m with you on the more active front, and it’s been really hard to not be able to do what I used to in order to feel better. It’s certainly frustrating. I’m not a doctor, but I just started Ampyra which has helped with my mobility. I’m also taking Vitamin B12 and D3 and fish oil as general/helpful supplements. I wish you luck!


Hi I can't walk on my own anymore, I use to be really active before my mobility got too difficult to exercise I use cycling before but my balance now it's a bit dangerous on a bike 🙂 so a few years ago I brought a trikecycle it was brilliant to be mobile again and to get out into the fresh air, I live in France and apply for a grant to help me with my mobility could have got electric wheelchair but decided on a electric off road trikecycle ( for 3500 pounds) we had to half but it's amazing bike only got it last December so hopefully in spring we will be able to go miles on it, for me being outside in the fresh air really helps me with all problems of ms I can forget about it and the exercise really helps,