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Is this Spasticity?

For a few weeks now I have been having real trouble with my legs, specifically my lower legs (ankles and Shins) and walking. It started out just being like shin splints but its getting worse and if I try to walk with any speed I am in agony and my legs feel so stiff and painful I have to drag myself on, this is for short distances too :( Is this spasticity? I don't have any leg spasms or night issues its just walking. My right leg seems to be worse and I have noticed that my calf and foot seem bigger on that side, like water retention swollen compared to my left as my shoes feel tighter. I don't want to go on yet another drug but is this something I should tell my nurse?

I dont know if we have the same issue, but i also cant walk on long distances, because my right leg suddenly gets so stiff that it is almost impossible for me to bend it and consequently i either fall down or simply stop movin for a couple of minutes. It all started with stumbles and after some time the stumbling stopped but then my legs got numb. I dont know if it help but i do certain exercises by which im bending my legs in sitting and standing position, sometimes also lying so that my legs dont shut off. :) As you know we have to move it move it right =) did you talk to a neurologist about your issue? best of luck


@sheiabah , it's always wise to raise these issues with your MS Nurse. They can offer advice and record these issues on your records. You can find various exercises and stretches here, which might help :- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/understanding-ms/lifestyle/exercises-people-ms