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Access to work support worker

Does anyone have a support worker provided with an Access to Work grant from DWP? I have applied for one, the DWP have indicated that I should be successful. I work in NHS (Scotland) and my line manager is worried about how this works. Anyone with experience know how the support assistant is employed? And how they fit in with your job?

Hey @sazzle36 I haven’t got personal experience but one of my colleagues is def and she has a signer at work (we work with adults with learning disabilities) so if she and my workplace can make it work and negotiate confidentiality, data protection, medication support, etc etc etc then u&ur workplace will get ur heads together and can make it work for u both I’m sure good luck & take care hopefully someone with a more personal first hand experience will reply soon 🤞🤞🤞🤞


Thanks @Runningonempty . I hope they will as if I am able to supply the funds (thro DWP) I would wonder why it would be an issue. Good to know that your work must have negotiated confidentiality for your colleague 😊 xxx