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Optic Neuritis

Hi Peeps I've never had optic Neuritis which I am ever so grateful for but I do have a question or two about it. A good friend has been having eye trouble recently. Her left eye became blurrey quite suddenly and has been like it for several weeks. Its making work pretty hard for her and getting her down. She went to an optician who sent her to hospital to have it checked out at a clinic that specialises in Optic neurology and glaucoma. They told her she has probably optic neuritis. She is now waiting for an MRI. The thing that is confusing her is that they said that she is atypical of MS because her eye is still blurrey and should have got better by now. I thought this was odd. Surely everyone & their recovery time is different? She hasn't been diagnosed with MS but now she is worried she has it. My question is a)Do you recover from optic neuritis quickly or is it different for different peeps and b) if she does have optic neuritis could it be that is all she has and she may not have M.S. She has been fabulous support to me over the past few months since I got my diagnosis and I really hope that the same thing isn't happening to her. I'd love to hear your opinions. Thanks Sarah x



hi Sarah, it is really difficult to know how long she will be effected. If it's MS (as that's my condition that lead to my optic neuritis) then it really does vary. There is no general rule of thumb for this. Not to alarm your friend, but my sight never recovered in my right eye,and I've been left with a large scotoma (dark patch in center of my vision) However I'm told I was very unlucky. Best of luck for you and your friend. stiv



I have dealt with it for 25 years. Used to come and go but now is there all the time. Drs think they know so much but really don't. It does varry from peep to peep but usually does go away at some point. Hope your friend is o k. Good luck to you



I was diagnosed with MS 4 months ago and it was optic neuritis that led me to being diagnosed. Mine was quite a severe case and im sorry to say it has never fully recovered but maybe it needs more time to heal who knows! Your other eye learns to compensate though! x



Hi, My eyes started moving slowly but now it is very fast, which makes life difficult, I am not able to drive now. I am not happy about it at all. My Dr said it won’t recover now. I hope he is wrong. Keep positive and remember ms is different from person to person. Hope your friend is ok.



Hi Sarah, Yeah I was in & out of hospital for nearly 3 years. I hadn't had a phase (relapse) for nearly a year. Until I got optical neuritis which surely lead to my diagnosis with MS. My was a severe case. I completely lost full sight in my left eye. And the professor at the hospital said that he was pessimistive about my recovery, bcos I had also had a dose of IV Steroids to increase the recovery rate, but the sight in my left eye was still quite poor. I took 10mg natural Lutein & 1,000mcg Zeaxanthin, for about a year. I get my eyes checked annualy, by my sister, because she's an optometrist, and she says that there has been a massive improvement. My eye-sight in my left eye is probably 70% compared to my right which is of course 100%. But I'm also certain that every case of Optical Neuritis is different. Hope you're friend gets better



Optic Neuritis was my presenting MS symptom. I could only read the top line of the eye chart with my left eye. Improved about 80% after a month or so but stopped there. At least I can meet the UK driving vision requirements.



I had optic neuritis in one eye in 1978 with what I have just learnt from Stiv is a scotoma. I found it easier to use an eyepatch than cope with one good and one bad eye. It lasted 3 months. It happened less severely to the other eye about a year later. The next year I had my daughter, to be followed 3 years later by my son. My MS is described as benign and was not diagnosed until 2004. My problems have largely been sensory rather than motor, although I wobble about a bit and sometimes use a stick. I have heard that benign MS often starts with optic neuritis and that pregnancy can slow things down. I hope your friend's sight recovers soon and that if she has MS it progresses as slowly as mine seems to have



Thanks for all your replies and kind words for my friend. It sounds like everyones experience is quite different and whether it developes into MS varies. Fingers crossed it isn't MS.



Hi <a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/SarahT/' rel='nofollow'>@SarahT</a> I first experienced ON in the mid nineties when I was in my late twenties, it took several months to recover fully. I didn't get any other symptoms until a couple of years ago (fifteen years later). So a case of ON doesn't automatically mean an imminent DX of MS. The subsequent progression of my MS sounds very similar to <a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/meg/' rel='nofollow'>@meg</a>'s although my official DX is RRMS. Mark



Hi there, I was diagnosed with optic neuritis in my left eye and was diagnosed with ms from this. I was told by ms nurses that blurred vision from optic neuritis could take up to 18 months to heal but that in some cases this never heals properly. Unfortunately I have had the blurred vision for over 18 months with no real signs of improvement. I hope your friends eye recovers soon and that she doesnt have ms



I have suffered with Optic Neuritis for 14 years and treated for labrynthitus during this time. It was only in April this year that I was diagnosed with MS. I still have disorientated vision in both eyes now and have been told it is likely to be permanent as it has now nearly been 6 months. My optomotrist at the hospital referred me to an opticians last week and so I have an eye appointment with one who specialises in optic neuritus cases on saturday. Lets hope glasses may be able to sort my vision out! Good luck to your friend - I hope it is not MS and that her vision is not permanently damaged.



Hello everyone I thought I would let you know that my friend's MRI has come back clear. I realise that it may still be a possibility later in life but for now although her eye is still blurry she is happy she hasn't joined our little club. :) x



<a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/SarahT/' rel='nofollow'>@Saraht</a> That's good news for her, I'm glad x



Hi Everyone. I'm a newbie to this site. Only joined a few mins ago. However this subject i can relate to.... July i had my second relapse of the year. Anyways, everytime i relapse it affects the brain stem therefore affecting the eyes etc. After my recovery, the eyes were not the same. To cut a long story short.... i went to see the otician, and was told.. the steriods i take had weakened my eyesight along with the Optic Neuritis, plus the steriods has caused me to develop cataracts! Has any other member experienced this ?



<a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/tinykiwi/' rel='nofollow'>@tinykiwi</a>, now, who would you trust, a neuro or an optician? Just an open question. This website, http://www.mstrust.org.uk/atoz/methylprednisolone.jsp , suggests the Neuro......... I've done a quick Goggle on Methylprednisolone and can't really find anything to back up the optician's view...........



Hi again, Thank you for that info. Since the relapse i have not had a chance to discuss this with the Neuro. On my next appointment i will be asking the Neuro and discussing what the optician has told me with him. However i think my eye problems are down to getting older also. Janette



<a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/tinykiwi/' rel='nofollow'>@tinykiwi</a>, Oh Janette, the ravages of time come to us all. These bodies of ours are definitely not built to last! :)



Has anyone ever heard or macular thinning. And the tissue being scared and dead spot in back of eyes. Drs have no answers they say it has nothing to do w m s...... i disagree. But feeling very lost about it all