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Work life balance!

Hello, Does anyone else struggle with full time work and running a home. I seem to be able to either work and the house ends up a total mess or i keep my house nice and are too worn out to cope at work. I want and need to reduce my hours but cant afford to. My MS is deteriorating and i feel like i cant cope really Sarah

@sarah_irwin , you could try this scheme and see if they could cover the cost of a cleaner, etc.:- https://www.gov.uk/access-to-work


My sympathys. I'm retired and couldn't possibly do both now - can't remember the names of plants!!. @stumbler, as usual, has useful advice, hope it helps. Despite having some help and not working - maybe cos of it - my house it still a mess 😉. Don't stress, it won't help. Just 'align yourself with the circumstances' as someone famous - whose name I also can't remember - once said. I try and it works..... mostly. It has to. We order grocery stuff online weekly ( or fortnightly ) for home delivery - would that help you? Likewise the odd freezer meals? I see you have 2 children... would they help? Sorry I can't be more constructive...xx