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Amitriptyline - is it any good?

Hello all 👋🏻 First time posting, received diagnosis at the end of June. Quite a lot of pain in my right hip and lower back, as well as fatigue most days and extra dizziness of late. To cut a very long story short (cos I just typed all of this out and then it got lost in cyberspace 🤭), my medication arrived yesterday and I'm rather hesitant to take it, for a few reasons. The first being that when I spoke to a lady regarding medication (after being told she was very sorry, but my information hadn't been passed along to the MS team nurses, as it should have been and that waiting any longer to get them to speak to me would be around November, due to a backlog) she didn't seem remotely hopeful that amitriptyline would actually work, telling me it was just something that they always try first and it had lots of negative side effects. The second reason is that when it arrived, yep, the side effects do seem to be like they'd only be adding to extra symptoms - I'm already extremely fatigued, I get dizzy easily, so don't really want to be adding to either of those and adding blurred vision as a possibility got me quite nervous. Has anybody tried it and it's worked for them? Thanks for reading, if you got this far 😉🤭 #RelapsingRemitting #MS #Amitriptyline #sideeffects

Morning darling I take it when I have nerve pain and for extreme constant migraines and it makes u sleepy too, so if you do take it take a good couple hours before your bed time or you will be tired in the morning x


I take it and have found it really good. I got the impression when reading about it that most of the bad side effects are associated with the much higher doses used when it is prescribed as an antidepressant. They started me on 10mg, which is a tiny fraction of the doses where the bad side effects show up (I'm not a doctor though!). Amitriptyline taking the edge off the neuropathic pain and altered sensations finally allowed me to get proper sleep, which meant a lot of my other symptoms were lessened as well.