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First Infusion Nerves….

Hi all, hope everyone is ok. So here’s my first post… I’m having my debut Tysabri infusion on Monday by injection. Feeling a bit nervous along with a mix of relief that this will hopefully help me, and fear of the start of continuous treatment. I’ve only had 2 courses of steroids so far so this really formalises things. Is there anyone who wouldn’t mind sharing their personal experience of their start of treatment with Tysabri please? Thanks in advance x Sam x

Hi Sam, i'm not personally on Tysabri (i'm on Ocrevus) but what you're describing sounds like the injection of Tysabri instead of an infusion which is relatively new so you might become the go to person for this experience. You have nothing to fear, have some you time and it'll be good foe you to meet your friendly nurses.


Hi Sam, I started tysabri earlier this year, it was a daunting experience at first after finding out so suddenly I had a lifelong condition that needed hospital treatment, only being 17 bearing in mind! Now I’m confident enough to go to the hospital every month for my hourly infusions, all the nurses are super friendly and we have a chat and catch up each month, it’s also nice to be able to have someone to listen to how you’ve been feeling over the past month. I had a few side effects from tysabri, these being fatigue and dry skin but nothing too drastic, stay positive and I hope your first infusion goes well! Xx