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First Tysabri treatment

Hi All, Quiet new to this but I've been reading all the posts and the responses and everyone has been so supportive towards each other. I have my first Tysabri treatment coming up soon and I was wondering what I should take with me to pass the time? (Abit of a foodie) can I take snacks to eat and drinks? Is it worth taking a magazine or a book? Or will I just be sleeping the entire time? I was a little apprehensive at first (constantly calling my MS nurse (bless him for putting up with me)) but everyones personal experiences have been an amazing read and assurance. Thankyou all so much!

Hi 👋. Take plenty to eat, drink and things to do. I have ocrevus infusions and I take coffee, soup, sandwiches, phone and book. Other people take computers and film downloads. I think tysabri can be slightly shorter time🤷‍♀️. Not sure. Good luck with your treatment. All the best.


Hello Sairah, i was on tysabri for about 10 years from 2009. Nothing to we worried about. We had a TV to watch but I would take a book with you. Infusion takes an hour but they usually do bloods before hand which you have to wait for. I think you can organise to have these done days in advance. Ask the nurses administering your meds they will let you know. Drinking water before you have treatment is the best advice for a good infusion. Main thing is not to worry it will be fine and easy. Hope this helps.