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Clemastine regrow myelin?

Has anyone seen about the benefits of clemastine? Ive been reading alot about it and aside from its anti allergy properties its shown to have regrown myelin in mice, i think its phase 2 on trials for humans so years away yet but sounds hopeful!? Im trying hard to find a OTC that has this drug in ( dont sell it as a stand alone drug as far as i can see) so far no joy even spoke to pharmacist who said as far as he knows benadryl etc dont have it in them.

Yes very exciting. Clemastine was a hay fever drug. It isn’t used anymore because of its drowsy effects. I guess there are better hay fever treatments on the market 🤷‍♀️. It isn’t sold in pharmacies much. It is licensed to be used for hay fever. Not sure how to get it UK. Another drug that may be used in MS (currently being trialled, is metformin, a type 2 diabetic drug). Awaiting results 🤞.


I've read about it, but not been able to find any yet. My husband and I are thinking about trying metformin (a potential remyelination agent...amongst other things). He has SPMS & I have ME/CFS. we'd get it from an online doctor. https://multiplesclerosisnewstoday.com/2018/06/08/ms-experience-allergy-medication-clemastine/