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PLEGRIDY Injections

Hi.. I’m currently on plegridy injection, does anyone else have varied side effects every time you inject (fortnightly). Some weeks I’m fine and other weeks I have flu-like reactions and massive headaches for days and it wipes me out and I’m bedbound because of the side effects. Thank you

@RebeccaR07 Oh yes! I had Plegridy injections every two weeks for 7 months. Sometimes it was ok, I could get up the next day do normal things. Then others, as you say, I was wiped out. I'd be sick for 72 hours. Headaches, body weakness, chills, and I began to get weird effects like being out of my body (sounds strange? It was). The neurologist noticed I was not myself, and she switched me to Avonex, weekly injection, lower dose.


I have been taking Plegridy for 3 or 4 years...rebif before that, and Avonex before that. (It's been a long road). I love the Plegridy for the long time between injections and the fact that I'll stick with it, but lately, I've noticed that I get a migraine after my injection. Sadly it's taken me like 6 months or more to finally figure this out! ( I inject on Friday, we go out with friends on Fridays...I was blaming the alcohol) I see my Neuro next month but my dilemma is do I stop the Plegridy or do I suck it up and deal with a migraine every other week?