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Re Relapse

I feel that I am having a relapse. I rang my GP and explained how I am feeling, he put me on a course of steroids but they aren’t making any difference. Does this mean that my DMT is not working for me anymore or what? I have sent two messages to the MS Nurse in the last 10 days but I have got no response. I will try calling him on Monday as they aren’t available over the weekend. I find this quite a difficult and isolating thing, along with having to deal with how I am feeling. There’s nobody to talk me through it. I live in Cork and I am a public patient. I get to see my Neurologist in clinic once a year and if I forget to ask something then or if something new crops up in the meantime, who do I turn to? What do all you good people on this forum do when faced with such a problem? Happy for any advice Thanks

I am so sorry you are going through it like that. I am in the US, and I feel very fortunate that I can email my neuro with questions and concerns..would seeing your GP help to maybe at least get some insight as to what could be happening?


Thanks for your response. The way you describe how you can contact your Neurologist is great. That’s what I would like here. I will go and see my GP and maybe I could get a referral for the hospital.