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MRI results are in

Just had my first mri results back since starting Ocrevus, I have no new leisons and the lesions that developed during my first attack in July last year are decreasing in size but the report says this recovery is most compatible with a demylenatating process such as adem, any thoughts or experiences on this ? I do not get to see my neuro until June.

Sounds like the Ocrevus is doing it’s job!


@Nola83 What @jtherpsgt says is very likely correct. 😊 Usually the radiologist just get asked to do a new set of images and compare them to the earlier one(s). With MS, they are used to see same size lesions, as in stable (which is good news), or new ones (which is not what anybody wants). Seeing lesions decrease in size isn't that common, thus they start considering alternative causes (differential diagnoses), especially since they might not know that you are on Ocrelizumab or comparable medications. Plus, they don't know you, haven't talked to you about your symptoms and nor examined you. This is why they sometimes come up with odd alternatives. If you feel well, no need to worry. Your neurologist most likely received the report as well, didn't they? If they don't contact you, things should be fine. Please stop worrying if things are fine and consider being very excited about (1) the absence of new lesions and (2) old lesions decreasing in size. This is 100% good news. Fact (2) is extra bonus fantastic. Congratulations! 😊