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Keeping Sharp

I am always looking for activities that help keep me sharp. Reading, audio books, and Sudoku are all great, but I've rediscovered something awesome that I forgot I owned. Anyone else play Beat Saber? It's like Fruit Ninja and Skrillex had a baby under the supervision of my occupational therapist. The premise is simple: different colour cubes fly at you, and those cubes are syncopated with the beat of whatever song you've chosen. Being old, I'm partial to Nirvana, Skynyrd, and White Stripes, but there's Lizzo and Elish and Weekend and other stuff I've never listed to too. An arrow is superimposed on the cube to illustrate which way your light saber hands are supposed to slash it. Then walls come flying at you and you have to duck or slide sideways. Beat Saber sounds like neurological overload, but it isn't. Once you've found the groove, the slashes become almost automatic, and you can concentrate on which direction you need to slash and not getting smooshed by walls. Physically, Beat Saber is an engaging and easy workout, but it's a fantastic and challenging mental exercise. And, as an added bonus, your family gets to laugh at you as you prance around with your nerdinger headset slashing at things that only you can see. I'm actually thinking that virtual reality might have real applications for rehabilitative therapy. Any recommendations for other games/apps that have rehabilitative or meditative benefits?

That's interesting, I've just looked what I need to play this. Somewhere I have a VR headset for my phone that at a quick glance should be compatible. Other than what you've suggested i find crosswords really helps me with words and recall. (I'm just crap at crosswords 😄 but still do them anyway)