Ms awareness! March intentions

SETTING YOUR MARCH INTENTION March 12, 2022|Multiple Sclerosis HAPPY MS AWARENESS MONTH! In the middle of March sometimes we start getting panicked. Feeling like, "what is it that we're supposed to do to advocate" or feeling a bit overwhelmed. Maybe you never have done something for the month of March - whether that's just not knowing what to do or just really wanting to keep it quiet. If this month is the first year you've ever participated in MS awareness month - don't put too much stress on yourself and listen to your body! Take note of your top 3-4 favorite things you want to tackle this month. Maybe for you, it's one thing your body will allow and that's more than okay! It could be blogging, it could be for the first time you're letting someone know about your diagnosis to spread awareness. Nothing's too small when it comes to spreading awareness about this disease!