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Copaxone bruise

Hello all, I have a question for those injecting Copaxone. I am under the 3x 40mg scheme for almost 2 months now. Recently, after injecting my waist (left side), I got a huge bruise (and more pain than usual). I called my Copaxone nurse, and she said that, most likely, I broke a vain. I asked her, whether there is a way to prevent this in the future, and she said 'unfortunately no, it can happen'. She also advised that I stop injecting in that area. This sounds easy, but, being a bit skinny, I can't use my arms, so if I now avoid my waist, I only have my legs and the top of my hip bones, meaning that it gets harder for me to rotate injection sites. Do you maybe have any advice for me on how to avoid bruising, or choose my injection spots? Any response would be very much appreciated.

Hello @craigsreddie, Thanks a lot for your answer. From what you wrote I reckon that you eventually stopped taking Copaxone. May I ask whether this is the case, and if yes what the reason is for that? Thanks again, miapi


Hi. I was taking copaxone for nearly a year and when I first started injecting, it seemed fine and I had no side affects. The last few months, the injections were more painful, everywhere I injected and I used to get painful lumps afterwards. I tried everything, ice-packing, warming the area and I still reacted to it. In the end I've changed to plegridy, which is twice a month. Second dose tomorrow, so still early days with it but we will see. I couldn't use my arms either, so I only had my legs and hips to inject into. Take care. X