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What are you grateful for?

Yes, it might be hard to even entertain the thought of being grateful, when you have such an unpredictable disease. Consider this post a mere excuse to pause everything for a short second, and think of something that you have that shouldn't be given for granted. Because, as we all know but tend to forget, nothing is. I'll start: I am grateful I have a support system, a soft ground to land on if I fall. I am grateful for my incredible neurologist, who has supported me every step of the way. I am grateful for my body, because it is doing the best it can. But above all, I am grateful for science. Because it never stops trying. What are you grateful for today?

My family and friends I would be lost without them. I have also learned to try not sweat the little things.


Hi i am grateful for my amazing husband and family and for every day I wake up even though it’s a struggle I wake up and the same as you for science and my amazing ms nurse’s