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Traveling with Avonex...

Hello everyone, I found out this evening that I will be traveling this summer to Southern Spain and perhaps to other parts of Europe. I have not had a long trip since before my MS diagnosis 4.5 years ago. I have a lot of questions. Is it possible to travel with Avonex? What do I need to bring for my travels (approximately 3 weeks)? My symptoms usually include heat sensitivity and fatigue(although I do have medicine for fatigue). I have had weekend trips since my diagnosis but nothing this long. Any other suggestions?

@mcgilligan , preparation is key to a successful trip. Of course you can travel with Avonex, but you need to have a letter confirming that it is your medication. Contact the company that manages your Avonex supply/delivery and they can arrange this. The Avonex will need to be taken in your hand luggage and may need to be kept chilled wherever you are staying. Try and plan ahead. Heat sensitivity and fatigue could cause a problem. Just acknowledge this possibility and don't plan any long activities for early on in your trip until you're aware of how you're faring. Take advantage of air conditioning where you can, e.g. stop off for a coffee break when you're out, to pace yourself. So, preparation and forward planning. If it helps, I suffer from heat fatigue, but have holidayed in the Maldives - different type of heat!


I travel abroad with Avonex. I would bring 1-2 weeks more than you need in case of delays. My me nurses do a travel letter for security. If packing cool blocks make sure the letter says required for keeping medicine cool. I always have mini bar emptied out and put medicine in there. It can be kept at room temperature for a week though if required. I was in Greece last summer for 2 weeks and not sure if it was combination of frozen cocktails, good food and generally being relaxed but I felt better than had done for ages. Enjoy!