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I can not cope with the restlessness and pain numbness

Just starting my ms journey.. Finding the restlessness pain and numbness absolutely devastating.. My day is just like a timer to my next tablets and bed..but by 6pm I am absolutely done not a bit of energy left .can't rest because I'm so so restless and numb..can't get comfortable the pins and needles start can't lie flat end up sitting up in bed.. tell me this is can be dealt with even just a bit

Hi. So sorry you're going through this. In my personal experience, all these symptoms ebb and flow, so it may not be like this always. Have you started any treatment yet?


Hi Have you tried magnesium tablets? it's really good for restless legs (spasms) I also use the Magnesium spray at night, also CBD Oil helps some people with pain, I use cannabis with vaporiser for pain which is amazing for pain