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Need to select another therapy. Mavenclad, Ocrevus, Briumvi or Kesimp

My doctor offered me Mavenclad, Ocrevus, Briumvi or Kesimpta. I completed Lemtrada in 2018 (3 years of treatment). Being as I'm starting to have break through, she wants me on a drug similar to Lemtrada. Other then the drug companies websites, it is hard to find information. I really do not want to go the self inject route again. I carry the JC virus so I cannot take Tysabri. (Found out after completing the Tysabri trial). I welcome any and all comments. Thank you.

I am on Ocrevus which is a 6 monthly infusion in the hospital. I find it fits well for me. So far 🤞


I found this to be a helpful comparison tool: https://mstrust.org.uk/information-support/ms-drugs-treatments/ms-decisions-aid