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Breastfeeding on Tysabri/MS Postpartum

Hey🤍 My Baby Boy was born 2 weeks ago. I didnt do any medication during pregnancy, now my neurologist recommended me to start tysabri as the rebound risk after giving birth is very high. I am breastfeeding (which is also a kind of natural protection) and I love breastfeeding so much! According to my doctor it is safe to breastfeed with tysabri, however I do have my doubts here and don’t feel confident at all that’s why I postponed treatments until I feel confident.. does anyone here have experience with MS Post Partum? I am right now eating healthy again and taking supplements/ doing acupuncture as I actually got some light symptoms in my left hand and leg, curious to get to know your post partum Journey!

Hey! Just wanted to know what you ended up doing. My baby boy was born three weeks ago and dealing with the same maybe having to start meds again but also I am breastfeeding.


Hey @Ms_mamma I told my doctor that I would rather like to wait a bit.. even tho I have some very slight symptoms I didn’t tell her about, next week I’ll do an MRT then she will tell me if I have to start straight away or if I can wait a bit more ! Did they tell you that you could breastfeed on tysabri as well?