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I feel like the past 2 months have been a real struggle for our relationship. We have been together a year January 4th and not had a flare up until October 20th. Been in and out of the hospital 3 times to get the steroids pushed through since October 28th. He has been more distant lately and he is clingy normally. Now he barley hugs me or kisses me unless he wants s3x. He don't cheat. He don't even leave the house without me really unless he is only gonna be gone for 15minutes. But I feel like we are not getting the info we need to make it as a couple with the ms.

You may have already tried the following, but my thoughts. Have you tried to talk about this with them, they maybe struggling with you being not so well and have shut down as they are worrying and trying to cope. Try having a very friendly open conversation about how they are feeling and share how you feel, but try to us non confrontational language. Good luck


TALK with him! Ask him how he feels... MS is hard for us... but it sure also is for our loved ones! Imagine seeing someone you love suffer and you can do NOTHING to help them.. that must be super hard