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Hey everyone. Haven't been on here in such a long time, but I really need to write how I'm feeling 🙁 I was diagnosed in 2015 and the last few days have been the worst ever, I can only walk a few steps and then I need to sit down.. I. Don't know if I'm having a relapse.. Its just not normal feeling like this non stop. I can't do anything, I know people are worst of me than Me, but right now I'm feeling so alone. Thank you if anyone reads this. Just had to get this of my chest because it's really effecting me.

Hi magsmc I was diagnosed with SPMS before Christmas last year and my initial symptoms were the same as how you describe how you have been over the last few days. What type of MS is it you have?.... Could be a relapse or possibly you have progressed to SPMS. Make sure you mention this to your Nurse or Doctor are you due to see them soon?. Relax as much as possible (easier said than done, I know).


Hello mags can. Sorry you’re down at the moment and having a hard time. Where are you at with neuro appointments etc, and are you on any meds. I think all of us sometimes, whatever age, stage and status feel that sense of loneliness which is hard to describe. I think the first two or three years after diagnosis just have to be the toughest. We are all still trying to establish a sense of what constitutes a normal day, and to understand the changing aches, pains and symptoms for which there seems to be no pattern, rhyme or reason. Keep your head up, stay strong and know you’re not alone x