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Hi guys, I was diagnosed in October 2015 after having my first relapse and am about to begin the Betainterferon Plegridy injections soon. I am quite nervous about starting it, particularly the bit where I have to inject myself, and was interested in finding out how people have got on with it? Thank you !



When I was on avonex my wife would inject me every week and she would cry sometimes thinking she hurt me. I will tell you though it doesn't feel good and for awhile you could have side affects. But it's all worth it if it keeps the beast at bay. Hope this helps. Wish you good health. Ryan



Hi lucy. Was on betaferon for a few years. Yeah injecting yourself is pretty daunting. Just think though irs gunna be doin you good (believe it or not) not lying it takes a while to get used to it. You try all the different spots. Arms thighs tummy and butt. The injection sites can get a git red and sore. Neurofen becomes your best mate. If ya have any Q let m e know. All the best Anthony☺



@harconan my sweet husband gave me my shot of Avonex weekly for ten years because I could not. He hated every time he did it because he did not want to hurt me either. Yet he was the one that would remember that it was shot night. What would we do without our wonderful spouses?



Was on copaxone and that was daily, was on that for about 2 years I think it was and I was glad to get rid but understood the benefit it hopefully gave me. To be fair I stayed relapse free for 2 years. I've been moved onto Tecfidera which is oral twice daily. Might be worth asking about that? Or another oral solution as from what I understood the side affects from BI can be harsher than other drugs.



I was on Betaseron for six years. Injecting every other day...had a lot of injection site reactions and it came to a point where I felt like I was running out of room to inject. I started Plegridy in December and it feels like I have my life back. If you are going to use the pen you will have no problems. It is easy. It is quick. And I don't think it hurts at all. You will do great!



I'm on rebif which is injectable. It is a bit annoying and I occasionally do get red marks around my injection sites. It's a bit of a hassle but reality is I have to take it. So I just suck it up and now I'm used to it. It gets easier then. Good luck with yours!



Hi Lucy, I am on Plegridy for 6 months now (I was on Rebif for 8 years) and find the injectables for Plegidry very comfortable. I akmost don't feel anything while doing it. (The first time I thought it went wrong because I didn't feel it :)). The injectable place is a little sore sometimes after two days, but it feels more like muscle pain after a good work out. Not to bad either. I can't speak for other people of course, but I think you will do just fine! Gr, Sander