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Severe head pain in specific area

Dear All, I would like some reassurance that the head pain I have is normal, well at least normal for us MS-ers. I saw my neurologist on Thursday. When I told her about this head pain, which causes me to groan out loud it's so intense, she said everyone has those darts of pain (and when it's not a dart of pain it is there in the background). I have worked for many years with individuals of many ages; if everyone has these head pains how come I have not heard or seen people 'down tools' at work and groan etc? In addition, I have had 'interesting' sensations in both sides of my neck, like pulses/spasms. Could you say if you have the same sensations? Many thanks. xxx PS On another note, I asked the neurologist what type of MS I have. She said: you ask that at every appointment. I responded: ...and you've never answered. So it is r-r at present, which is as good as it gets; still not on any drugs yet though.