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Nerve pain from neck and down arm...

Hi Ive had horrible pain for about 4 weeks.. awful neck pain going down my arm. I thought i had pinched a nerve so contacted my gp and she has referred me for an xray.. the pain got worse this week and have big issues sleeping etc so i went to a&e and they did test ,bloods etc and he told me it was a damaged nerve related to my MS!! I was shocked as everyone always says do not think every is like to MS!!!! the doctors gave me some meds to try and help with pain.. I have never felt pain like in the time ive had Ms... has anyone had this and how do you manage it? i would be so grateful for any advise as it is my good side and struggling with everyday tasks. thanks in advance. xx #pain #nerve #help

Hey, had the same thing for 4 yrs what eventually lead to my diagnosis. Physio, gabapentin, painkillers ibruprofen & paracetamol if it helps. Always have low level pain/ spasisity there but had reoccurring episode 3 weeks ago so can really empathise. The thing that really worked for me was steriods because it tackled the inflammation. Talk to ur ms nurse or gp both will prescribe. Hope u feel better soon.