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Anxiety/Depression ?

Hi all, Im not feeling myself at the moment and not sure what to do. I have a call back from doctor booked on monday but dont even know where to start. Everything at the moment seems to be overwhelming me for want of a better description. I am very fatigued and ache from morning till night but i am still working and intend to carry on. I begin my Lemtrada treatment in october and am understandably nervous about this. My diagnosis and treatment has been pretty quick to be honest and i have coped with it all quite well so far - mostly with humour as that is what i usually do lol. My humour and smile seem to have deserted me now and i am quite snappy and bad tempered to be honest. This is not like me at all but i am really struggling day to day with these feelings of total misery. My friends have noticed the change in me and have been so supportive but i feel i cant keep putting this on them. I feel paranoid about people not liking me any more and worry all the time about losing my friends and family because of the way i am. How can i describe this to the doctor without sounding like an idiot - another thing is i lose my train of thought - i start to speak and forget where i am going with it. How can a doctor help me if i dont even know how to explain how i feel, i have had depression several times over the years but this somehow feels different. Sorry for the rambling x