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Limbo land and results

Hi I'm new to the forum but have been following for a while. Just wondered how any of you received your lp results and how long after? My brain mri showed demylination and the report states Ms however my neurologist disagrees with my report. On examination they found mild left limb weakness and when I asked the cause and what had caused the demylination he said he didn't know. I'm experiencing various symptoms and is effecting my home and work life. Symptoms aren't managed great. I've been off work long term sick and recently returned with adjustments but is tempory. I've not been right for along time and put it down to stress but I've been like this since last May and just need a confirmed diagnosis. Had my lp 2 week ago. My next neuro appointment is due end of May time am expect to wait until then or do I take it no news is good news. I don't want to phone cause they are busy and don't want to be a nuisence. Any advice is much appreciated 🙂