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Plegridy skin reactions

Hi All a bit new to this online stuff so please bare with! I started Plegridy two years ago, I hadn’t offered any DMT’s previously, being diagnosed in 1985. I’m injecting every other Friday night so I have the weekend to “recover” before work on Monday. I’ve been getting a skin reaction to all my injection sites with the exception of my tummy. The reaction doesn’t start until about the Tuesday after, a rash appears which can last up to six weeks. My MS nurse had a look at them last week and hadn’t seen anyone else with a similar reaction. Has anyone had any thing like this?

Hi, I'm new to this too! Just had my 2nd full dose of plegridy. I get the skin reactions as well, like you they take about 3/4 days to appear get bigger and red.ive still got a mark from my 1st injection. When I spoke on the phone to the nurse I was told this was normal and everyone is different. Not much help really,but your not alone. Hope your getting on OK with plegridy x