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Hi, am new to this so don't know what is going on with my body. I had numbness in my feet and legs for a few weeks till I was diagnosed with Ms end of August. I got put on gabapentin. Worked great for first couple of weeks but started getting numbness back in feet. I have RRMS.. Is this normal, has anyone else felt this... Thanks.x

@Krizzy Numbness in my left thumb and index finger was my first symptom. They both felt 'dead', as if I'd slept on them, which wouldn't go away- so I was persuaded to see the Doctor in 2016, which commenced my MS journey. The sensation has gone from alot of my left arm and that in my feet seems to be going on permanent holiday too. I have never been placed on any medication for numbness, just assumed that it's all a fairly standard part of MS...along with phantom pains.


Hi I had exactly the same with my feet, but actually mine was worse when it came back after a few months. Mine was two relapses very close together. It subsided and hasn’t come back after 4 years. Fingers crossed as I type that! I have been left with slightly reduced feeling in one foot but I can cope with that. Are you on a DMT?