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I am wondering how you explain your numbness and burning to your partner? I have tried and he doesn’t get it. Instead he gets mad. Not what a person who is having difficulty walking needs right now, but how do you explain it to someone who has never had neurological pain, weakness and numbness?

Do you mind me asking why gets mad? Is it because he is not getting it? Or he is just annoyed?


Morning my husband gets annoyed with me as he says so I keep saying weak legs and numb hands feet. My husband knows how bad my walking is but friends and family haven’t a clue as they haven’t seen me. Gone from hundred mile and hour to having to sit a lot as legs are so weak. Prob they get annoyed because they can’t help us. Every morning I wake up and in denial thinking I’m going to be able to walk normal and stand for a while. Ocrevus I am starting very soon and praying it will stop my nerves in my legs attacking and they become stronger. They prob are not use to our condition. It’s like carrying a bad of sand on each leg, it’s not nice. Lovely to chat to you all.