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Any MSers in Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦?

Hey there! 36 yo mom of 2, married & from Ontario, Canada. Having lots of symptoms on and off for past 15 plus years. Nobody is interested in searching for MS. All specialists and Doctors say "that's not MS"; in the mean time, im on the hunt. I obviously don't want to be sick but I would love some answers so I can proactively treat it and thrive. Im a very stubborn girl, love to be active and the last one to sit or stop fighting. Any physician advice/ recommendations in Ontario? I know lots of you waited many years for it to all come together. Last MRI was 2 years ago. I had no lesions. .numbness and tingling bilateral hands, arms, feet & legs .most of my face, lips and tongue numb . Squeezing in ribs . Shocks down the spine . Dizzy, unbalanced, vertio . Overstimulated with sight, sound . Illness makes ot all worse . Joint pain . Sharp pain in eyes and blurry watery eyes . hopelessly constipated . Full body tremors/ buzzing (feels like im always in an earthquake, how fun is that? . My memory is crap . Brain is fogged . Tired but mom life... . I walk like a drunken sailor . And my newest, my right foot doesn't lift all the way when I walk. Gotten very good at going down with grace 🙌🏻 Nice to meet you all, always a good ear available. Wish you all strength 💪🏻

I identify with all this stay strong sister ❤️