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Pain at injection sites Copaxone

Hello, So I've been taking great care with where I'm injecting and rotate them not injecting in the same area more than once a week. Usually I'm lucky not to have any pain for days afterwards but the past three injection sites are very sore which makes having today's injection quite difficult. Not sure what I can do. Will painkillers help the soreness or is it pointless and just have to wait it out?

Hi when I had Copazone injections I use to put a cold pac what I use to keep in the freezer then put on the injection site few 5 minutes before I injected than I put the pac on straight away and leave about minutes and I only had a bit of soreness for a while after, hope it helps


My sister had to have injections her husband had to do then for her it was painful she alternated her arms and legs this was years ago she lives in Germany