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Just Started Copaxone - When Will The Stinging End?

I had my first injection of Copaxone on Friday morning and I was unprepared for the stinging that followed which lasted over an hour. I had my second one today and again the stinging was unbearable. Has anyone been on Copaxone injections? Did you have this experience? If so, how did you combat it?

I was told it has to do with ph of your body vs the medication. It never really went away for me but I did get used to it. Try some ice in the spot before and after I did that at the beginning. Best thing I did was get over my fear of needles and got rid of the autojet. It was panic inducing at first but it relieved alot of pain. Get a nurse or a diabetic friend who takes insulin to help you out... good luck... keep taking your medicine.


Unfortunately the stinging never goes away. You get used to it. They suck so I do infusions every 6 months which was so much easier for me. Considering transportation etc.