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Is this MS fatigue?

Hi everyone, I've had a good few days where I have felt OK. But I have woke up this morning with an aching body and heavy legs! It's that horrible dragging down feeling. My head feels like it too and I do feel tired even after 9 hours sleep. Is this due to MS fatigue? There are a few factors that may have caused this I think. 1. The heat - it was 33 degrees here in Norfolk yesterday. But it's much cooler today! 2. Amitriptyline - I've been taking it for 4 nights at 10mg and felt OK, but I do know it can make you tired till you get used to it. 3. I did my new set VRT exercises last night plus was playing catch with my 12 year old son in the garden yesterday evening - my arms did feel a bit shaky after this! Anyway, any advice would be much appreciated! Thankyou xx

Fatigue is soul destroying it comes from nowhere just quietly creeps up and can destroy you in seconds. I'm suffering terribly at the moment my advice, listen to your body if you need to rest then REST if you need to go to BED then go I've found out that trying to work through it just makes matters worse, so please take my advice GUINNESS xxx


Thanks. Yes this is the worst feeling. It makes me anxious! Then I can't relax enough to rest. It's just the whole achy feeling that I hate. I'm trying to work out if it's because I've done too much? Or could it be the heat? Or the fact that I've only just started taking Amitriptyline? Or maybe a combination of all of that. I'm newly diagnosed so I'm still learning about how the MS is affecting me