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Is this MS fatigue?

Hi everyone, I've had a good few days where I have felt OK. But I have woke up this morning with an aching body and heavy legs! It's that horrible dragging down feeling. My head feels like it too and I do feel tired even after 9 hours sleep. Is this due to MS fatigue? There are a few factors that may have caused this I think. 1. The heat - it was 33 degrees here in Norfolk yesterday. But it's much cooler today! 2. Amitriptyline - I've been taking it for 4 nights at 10mg and felt OK, but I do know it can make you tired till you get used to it. 3. I did my new set VRT exercises last night plus was playing catch with my 12 year old son in the garden yesterday evening - my arms did feel a bit shaky after this! Anyway, any advice would be much appreciated! Thankyou xx