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Methylprednisolone 5 days of 500mg & feeling rough...

I finished a 5 day course of 500mg daily methylprednisolone on Sunday....usual lack of sleep, heartburn & flushing etc but Monday & Tuesday were rough. I feel a bit better this morning but I'm not properly awake yet! Is it normal to feel so bad afterwards (it's years since I last had them) and don't recall feeling this bad? Did a bit of googling and adrenal insufficiency keeps popping up so I'm going to contact my MS team to ask questions....but thought I would throw it out on here to get some answers and possibly reassurance instead of just pure fear! Thanks in advance

Hi, finished mine 5days on Saturday and definitely felt rough. I’m feeling much better today! Hang in there hun you’re coming out the other side now. 🤗


Yeah finished on Tuesday and feeling it. Unfortunately it is normally for steroid withdrawal, especially after such a big dose. X