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Im new on here and wanted to ask your opinions and advise for travelling. Im going to Australia next month and I'm traveling alone with my 6 year old son to met my husband out there. Im fine with planes but I am a terrible sleeper and wanted to ask if anyone ha staken rescue remedy before to help them sleep? I also wanted to ask if anyone has taken floradax to help give them energy as I will be doing a lot of travelling.

Hi I’ve never been to Australian But traveled my family to United states im Saudi by the way 18 hrs I was 22 years old Traveled to united kingdom age 24 yrs old stayed two yrs all alone and off treatments completely I had few flare ups out of stress home sickness lol but im fine still am Im Saudi woman Better read more comments eh :)


I have some tips: make sure you keep eating right and make sure you have ALL of the medication you need for your trip as I had to book a doctors appointment at my own expense in Australia when I ran out of something. Have fun and don't try to do too much : )