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Recent diagnosis, Kesimpta or tecfidera?

Diagnosed only last week, I have an appointment with the MS nurse on 11/12/23 after the neurologist at my diagnosis appointment gave me a choice between kesimpta or tecfidera. I’m really unsure which way to go, does anyone have and input that might help me make my final decision please?

I opted for Tecfidera as although its tablets daily I found that much easier to add to my daily routine. Side effects were tough in the first 6 weeks (although exactly as I was told they would be) but all settled down after that so worth pushing through! Last scan showed no new lesions 👍🏻


Thank you Louise, that’s very helpful. I’m still on the fence and I guess I have a lot of thinking to do before the 11th. I’m still only 1 week since diagnosis so im finding it very hard to try to process it all, picking a medicine should not be this hard 😂