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Positivity all the way.

I've recently been diagnosed with RRMS. After the issues I've had over the last year, I feel better knowing what I have and can now try to move forward. I'm here for a chat if you need. Stay positive folks..

Hi @jessie, you sound like you are being super positive. Well done you 👏. Since my diagnosis I have tried to learn as much as possible, so I know. Unfortunately my family have accused me of being obsessive. This has made me down, because I thought I was trying hard to be positive in a bad situation. I recently watched a lady with MS give a TED talk. She said “if you knew you were going to be in a car crash in seven days time, wouldn’t you want to talk about it. “ I am a talker. It helps me deal and understand myself. I guess we are all different. I have a friend who is extremely positive. Even when faced with some shockers. He always sees things positively. I think this makes him a resilient person. I think positive thinking is really positive🤔.


Thanks for your reply...I've always been the opposite, never talk about issues as I never want to stress anyone else out. But, I spoken to a few people who have MS, unfortunately they are in a bad way, but one thing they've said is be positive, mental strength is key. I hope I can continue this way..