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Double vision - prognosis?

Hello! Dealing with a significant relapse for the first time in a while... I've currently got double vision (came on gradually over the last couple of weeks), which is making functioning challenging. Each eye independently is OK but they don't work together at the mo! I'm wearing an eye patch, which makes things doable, but still can't see too well. Also, my balance is really off - not sure how much that's because of the eye patch or if it's a different symptom. I'm on the 4th day of a 5 day course of steroids but no improvement so far. I was wondering if anyone has experience of this and how long it lasted /how it went for you? I'm thinking you don't see people with eye patches very often, so presumably it's likely to get better?! Thank you!

Hi, sorry to hear that you are going through this. I woke up one morning last year with double vision and this is actually how I ended up being diagnosed. For me, it lasted 2-3 weeks but at the time I didn’t know I was ms and so wasn’t given steroids etc. I hope things improve quickly for you :)


Thanks very much for that. It's actually quite reassuring that it healed in a few weeks for you without steroids. I've been worrying that the neuros wouldn't give any time estimate, so who knows... I see that you're on cladribine? They said last week that I should probably go back on medication. (I've only done copaxone and beta interferon in the past.) I think cladribine looks interesting as it's not immune suppression for ever. If you can deal with the first two years. How are you finding it?